How I Transfer My InkWELL Press Planner into my Kikki-K

The moment I heard about the InkWELL Press planner I knew I had to have it.  I pre-ordered it on their first launch date and I fell in love the moment I saw it.  However,  I was using other planners before and have reasons to continue to use other planners after.  It is clumsy and annoying and just way too dang bulky to carry about 3 full size planners!!  So I decided to take all of them and put them together in one place! I am very happy with my decision but I do miss my beautiful and customized covers.

So here is how I remove the InkWELL Press Planner (for ease of typing I’ll call it IWP) and add it to my binder style planner (Kikki-K).

I’m going to show the example using three pages, the two page 30-day monthly calendar and one page from the weekly spread.  I happen to use my 30-day calendar a lot so my method so far has been to transfer about 6 months worth of the monthly view and only transfer one-ish months of the weekly spread at a time.  This way if things pop up (doctor appointments, vacations, paydays, etc.) I can still see ahead but my details don’t weigh down the binder.

So we pick the next month to extract and I carefully snip the paper behind the coil.  You can push it gently aside with your scissors and make a small cut.


Once you’ve cut the whole page, carefully pull it out.  You can also transfer pages within you spiral IWP this way, the pages maintain their strength.


We now have our three removed pages to work with:


Next we need to trim off the coil punches.  You could use a paper cutter if you want but I like to use scissors because I feel like I have more control.  I also choose to trim right along the edge of the coil’s hole to maintain the most about of space; but you can cut off more if you’d like to have it fit a bit better into the binder.

IMG_1293   IMG_1294

(I’m skipping a few steps here – these are pictures if you were to punch binder holes at this step without trimming the pages)


Side view of planner with no tabs moved and no pages trimmed


view of the top of the planner with the March tab moved


View of the bottom of the planner with the December tab on the side

Because I know that I want to move my tabs from the side of the page to the top of the page, I take a ruler and exacto knife and cut carefully along the edge of the page (bottom of the color part of the tab) and separate it from the page.

           IMG_1295  IMG_1297 IMG_1296

I use basic clear tape to reattach it where I want on the top of the page – placing a piece the length of the tab on both sides you’d never know it was moved!  It’s super sturdy and I’ve yet to have a problem with it.


So to start the trimming of the pages – the IWP actually makes it really easy because of the printed lines.  I start with the beginning of the month (the left page) and line up the edge of the calendar with my paper cutter.  I’m pointing with the pen to the line I use for this.  I like to cut just on the inside so that the dotted line is still visible but right on the edge.


 IMG_1300 IMG_1301

I then place this page over the other side of the page and draw a light line with pencil indicating where I cut the first page:

IMG_1302 IMG_1303

Trim the other side of the 30-day calendar:


Repeat with your weekly pages (place a cut page over, lightly line, trim, repeat):

IMG_1305 IMG_1306

I also choose to trim the bottoms, I like it up right below the printed logo:



We now have our pages trimmed!


Next step is to punch to fit into the binder for whichever planner you’re using.  I purchased a whole punch so I dont have to punch each whole by hand.  For me, the punch lines up with the 4th line to the bottom of the Notes & Ramblings page.  So I stack 3-4 pages together, line it up and punch.  I tried to add some different angles below so you can get an idea of where I align.

IMG_1309  IMG_1310 IMG_1311  IMG_1312

Insert your punched pages into your binder style planner and Ta-Da!  You now have a closable binder IWP!  My pages to stick out a tad on the side still but I’ve chosen to leave it.  It closes and doesn’t bother me.  You could trim more off when you cut the coil section or the outer edge – totally up to you!

  IMG_1313  IMG_1314   IMG_1315  IMG_1316


2 thoughts on “How I Transfer My InkWELL Press Planner into my Kikki-K

  1. I like what you have done. I just ordered my IWP and cant wait to use it but I want it in the binder. Quick question if you dont trim the pages it would not fit in the kikki-K?


    • I’m so glad you’re excited for your IWP! If you do not trim the pages they will stick out of the top, bottom, and side of the Kikki-K. You could absolutely use them this way if that doesn’t bother you; however, if I don’t trim the pages I cannot close the snap on my Kikki-K.



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